Sky-High View and BBQ

This past Sunday I got the chance to visit an awesome restaurant in Johnston County I’ve heard a TON about- Low and Slow Smokehouse. This restaurant is located at the Johnston County Airport so you get a great view of the runway & all the fun small-engine planes parked alongside it. I can only imagine how great it would be on a Spring or Fall afternoon, enjoying the warm sun, delicious BBQ, & watching a plane or two take off or land during the meal!

The restaurant was busy but the wait wasn’t too long after we checked in. They have a great lobby set-up downstairs where you can wait in comfy chairs, then ride the elevator upstairs when they call your phone. Once we were seated service was great & fast. The menu wasn’t overwhelming but had a great selection for a wide range of diets. The prices were good- considering the type of food- serving sizes were great, & the food was served incredibly fast!

But the best part? The food, obviously!
The meat was good & tender, & very flavorful. Many of the shredded BBQ food items could be served without sauce so that you could pick *your* favorite kind of BBQ sauce…since you know…NC likes to fight over vinegar vs. ketchup-based…& then heaven-forbid you throw in someone from South Carolina who likes it mustard-based (*ehem* my husband…).

Overall, this would be a great restaurant to visit for a Sunday lunch or a fun date night. Depending on the meal you order, there is enough food for one meal to be split between two people, so you could make it out with $30 or less with food, drinks, tax, & tip.

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