Extra Flavor for Downtown Fuquay: Fuquay Spice & Tea

I don’t know about you but the start of a new year just stirs something up in me. It makes me feel all fancy & new, & for some reason when I feel fancy & new I feel like drinking tea.

That fancy, new feeling led me to downtown Fuquay-Varina, NC where I heard a spice & tea store had opened…& OOOooOOooOOooo man is that place glorious! (Also, for those non-native to NC…Fuquay is pronounced Fyou-kway…not like you’re saying a cuss word!)

Fuquay Spice & Tea opened winter of 2021 in the “Varina” side of downtown. The owner, Rachel Strahler, grew up in the area & has wanted to own this kind of small business for a long time, & personally, I believe she hit it out of the park. When you walk in you will be greeted by aisles & racks FULL of the most beautiful little bags of spices & teas. There are canisters, also, if you decide you’d like to purchase by bulk. Down the center are shelves full of every kind of cooking oil & vinegar you could imagine- I had never heard of most of them. You can buy small sample-sizes, larger bottles, & they also have large quantities available.

Throughout the store there are all kinds of locally-sourced craft items for sale, different kinds of herbal ingredients, & just every wonderful thing a cook, chef, or tea-lover could enjoy.

Fuquay Spice & Tea does offer cups of brewed tea, so you can settle down in the back or out on the back patio with a good book & steaming hot cup of tea.

I tend to be more interested in the teas & what I saw was very reasonably priced for the quantiTEA (;-) ) included in the bags. This would be a fun, affordable little afternoon out on the downtown, so make sure to check them out!

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